First of all success is what you define as. However, success at its core is consistency, and agency in any pursuit.

How to become SUCCESSFUL in Life and Business? or
What do you need to succeed in life and business?
There are certain keys to being a “successful” person that we often don’t realize. These are the 10 personal habits, ways, and strategies that successful people have and I want to share those with you.

I am Anton Chevalier, a Denver-based writer. And my mission is to change 250,000 lives by 2025. Today, I am a guest at Mr. Smart’s YouTube channel. Today, we shall discuss what are the ways of becoming successful in life.

Now, let me share with you 10 personal habits that make people successful in life and business. I firmly believe you will achieve results if you internalize these habits no matter what your endeavor is. These are strategies to achieve success.

1. They are Decisive and Don’t Second Guess it
There is one quality successful people have that separates them from the rest.
They act. That is what makes people successful.
Successful people don’t get in their own way and second guess themselves. They just pursue what they’re after and dive headlong into the pursuit. I have to ask you; have you ever achieved anything in life without action?
Did you get your degree, the job you wanted, or the love you have without action? The resounding answer is you did NOT.
We often don’t achieve success because we simply don’t act. It is the most important factor in achieving success is.

2. They are Productive, not Busy
Successful people are productive. They aren’t just filling the time. They make their time count.
How do you know if you are being busy or productive? Think of being busy as a scatter-plot of energy. If you are busy you are not focused. Instead, you are being pulled in a million directions. And being busy is a great way to deter you from success since you’re too distracted to focus on what’s important to you.

So, what does being productive look like? If you are being productive you’re “in the ZONE,” you’re the tip of the spear, you function with laser precision. You focus on one task at a time until it’s completed and give all your energy to that task. You become results-oriented. These are the ways to achieve success in life. Watch the animation to know more.

0:00 how to become successful in life and business
1:20 #1 They are Decisive and Don’t Second Guess it
2:00 #2 They are Productive, not Busy
2:50 #3 They Operate from Logic and Patience
3:38 #4 They are NOT Perfectionists
4:36 #5 They Engage the Unknown with Confidence
5:28 #6 They Keep It Simple
6:33 #7 They Focus on Small Steps
8:00 #8 They Track Their Progress Religiously
9:08 #9 They Make a Mistake, Learn and Remain Positive
10:14 #10 They Maintain Balance in their Lives
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