Let us explore the 9 STRATEGIES to Achieve SUCCESS in Life that Nicolas Cole has suggested.

Do you want to become successful in life? You want to know the strategies and steps to achieve success? But, what is success for you?

In fact, people define success in A LOT of different ways.
Some think it’s a certain amount of money. Others define it as a way of living, a level of freedom. The truth is, you can define success a hundred different ways — the only thing that matters is whether or not you’ve met the expectation you have for yourself.

If you ask most people what they want out of life, however, almost everyone will say, in some way, that they want to be “successful.” They want the big promotion, the fancy car, the house on the hill, the powerful network, the list goes on. Unfortunately, because “success” is a subjective aim, very few people have any sort of actionable plan or even idea as to how they’re going to achieve the success they want so badly.

I am Mr. Smart and today we shall explore a success system that never fails while seeking guidance from my friend and guide, Nicolas Cole. You must know him if you have ever used Quora. To know more about him, watch this video till the end.
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Now, here are the things you should start doing early in life to guarantee you’ll be successful — no matter what.
The sooner you get started, the better it is.

1. Start working on your emotional health, now.
Life only gets busier.
Too often, people say the phrase, “I will once I’m a bit further along.” But then they get a bit further along, and nothing changes. They just keep saying, “I’ll do it when I’m older. Later, when I have more time.”
But this is a dangerous cycle. Take 5 or 10 minutes, per day, and start practicing the habit of working on your emotional health now. Watch the animated video to know more.

0:00 Do you want to be successful in life?
1:53 #1 Start working on your emotional health, now.
2:26 #2 Spend time with people who aren’t in your age group.
3:04 #3 Save and invest as much money as you possibly can.
4:00 #4 Get rid of friends who aren’t going anywhere in life.
4:52 #5 Keep reading even though you’re out of school.
5:35 #6 Find a workout regime that supplements your primary aim in life.
6:27 #7 Don’t let your hobbies die.
7:06 #8 Find a mentor
8:02 #9 Nurture your relationship with your significant other.
10:25 How to keep yourself on the path of self-development?
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💡This was initially published as an article in Business Insider by Nicolas Cole: https://www.businessinsider.com/here-are-9-things-do-your-20s-set-yourself-up-success-10#1-start-working-on-your-emotional-health-now-1
💡Books by Nicolas Cole

1) Letter To My Imagination: https://amzn.to/3cqRNyl
2) Confessions of a Teenage Gamer: https://amzn.to/34Pk9Qj
3) Slow Down, Wake Up: https://amzn.to/3afFfbH

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