What traits you should have to become successful in life and business at a young age? Today we shall discuss 7 SUCCESS TRAITS of Millennials. So, these are the 7 success traits you should work to acquire:

1. Confident yet humble.
To be successful, at anything, you have to be confident. However, there is a difference between “confidence” and “arrogance” — and that difference comes down to humility.

2. They are Thick-skinned.
Thick skin is having the maturity to brave failure or hear feedback in a way that doesn’t react out of insecurity. That is the best strategy to achieve success in life.

3. Driven while preserving your relationships.
No one succeeds alone.

4. Compassionate, without seeing it as a weakness.
Compassion is one of the most powerful traits of a leader. It is what helps others around you feel heard, and more willing to help you. Compassion resolves conflicts the fastest. It is a sign of maturity and growth. It is one of the personality traits of successful young persons.

5. Highly tactical and mindfully strategic.
Anyone successful plays both the long game and the short game with due consideration. That is the way of becoming successful in life.

6. Business-minded and creatively expressive.
They don’t teach you the business side of things in art school.
They also don’t teach you how to be creative in business school.
But, part of “winning” in today’s business world is being creative, and part of “winning” as a creative thinker in today’s world requires being business savvy.
Prioritize learning and maintaining both, because it is what do you need to succeed in life.

7. Technologically fluent, but not addicted.
They value their time and invest it in what matters. They are more intentional with their digital consumption. Without this skill you will not be able to succeed in life and work when distractions are at your fingertips.
My fellows! This is an animated version of Nicolas Cole’s writing. Watch the animation to know more.

0:00 Traits to become successful in life and business
0:23 #1 Confident yet humble
0:50 #2 They are Thick-skinned
1:09 #3 Driven while preserving your relationships
1:31 #4 Compassionate, without seeing it as a weakness
2:03 #5 Highly tactical and mindfully strategic
2:34 #6 Business-minded and creatively expressive
3:01 #7 Technologically fluent, but not addicted
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