In his highly insightful writing, Corey McComb builds a strong case to CROSS TRAIN your brain by going outside of your COMFORT ZONE. This will give you a BETTER kind of Productivity. This ultra productivity through cross training the brain will lay the foundation of supreme success such as Peter Dawkins’ success. It was also the reason behind the success of Agatha Christie. However, to achieve this “a better kind of productivity”, you would need to move outside of your comfort zone. And surely, that’s not easy.

Over the course of her life, Agatha Christie published over 66 novels, 13 short story collections, and sold over 3 billion paperbacks. Her work has been translated into over 103 languages, making her the best-selling and widest-read novelist of all time. Outside of Shakespeare, no one has been read more.

At 39, she discovered her husband was having an affair. The divorce led to her having a nervous breakdown and she disappeared for two months. It took an entire police team to track her down in a remote hotel room in Northern England.

Our brain doesn’t just shape our behavior. Our behavior also shapes our brains. Cross training the mind through different activities and ways of thinking ripples into how we approach everything.

The places we go, the people we meet, the misadventures we have — they fill our wells with freshwater, creating new reservoirs of thought and intention. It all goes in, shifts our perspective, and adjusts our eyes to new light.

It’s through exploration that we find the things worthy of our productivity in the first place. But here’s the trap: The MORE SUCCESS productivity breeds, the harder it becomes to explore NEW AREAS.

“The more of these reservoirs you have available, the more likely you can see through the fog.”

Peter Dawkins is a heavy-weight polymath who spent what seems like multiple lifetimes “cross-training” his brain.

He was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford and earned a Ph.D. at Princeton. Between excelling in mathematics and British linguistics, he managed to win a Heisman Trophy as a quarterback. He then climbed the ranks to Brigadier General in the Army, eventually serving at the Pentagon as Director of Strategy, Plans, and Policy. He became a White House Fellow and worked on the task force that would get rid of the draft and move the military to a volunteer system.

To lead a life of true accomplishment it’s NOT ENOUGH to be productive. You need to STAY PRODUCTIVE. Exploring new realms where your expertise is limited may increase rates of failure in the short term, but the more cross-training you do, the more likely you can, “see through the fog” when it matters most. Watch the animation to know more.
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