It’s a fact that nobody enjoys the feeling of FAILURE.

Having set up a project that was destined for greatness only to have your plans crumble in catastrophic style right in front of your eyes can be painful and embarrassing. Still, as is the case with many negative life experiences, there are often useful and powerful lessons to be learned from failure. As long as you’re learning you’re not failing. I must say failure is a success if you learn from it. Life’s greatest lessons are learned through pain. In fact, we learn more from failure than success.

Yes, I am Dr. Patricia Thompson, a Corporate Psychologist, and Executive Coach.

Learning from failure is never easy. But we can use failure as a learning tool by following certain steps. You can dust yourself off and learn a few valuable lessons and life skills that will put you in good stead for the future.
Now, let us explore how we can learn from failure.

1. Acceptance of failure is critical
Although the facts might be there in black and white that your project has indeed crashed and burned, it can often be difficult to come to terms with failure at first. So, it is wise to always ask yourself what have you learned from your failures and never repeat the mistakes you committed.

2. Use failure as an opportunity for growth
How you deal with failure says a lot about you as a person, so use it as an opportunity for personal growth.

3. Think through the Mistakes that Were Made
Once the initial shock and pain of failure have begun to subside and you’re feeling more comfortable and accepting of the fact that things haven’t quite turned out as planned, you can begin to identify what failure can teach us.

To do this, brainstorm possible mistakes and misjudgments that led to your undesired outcome. For example: what can we learn from this failure?

4. Don’t blame others for failures
Whatever the mistakes were that were made along the way were, it’s important that you don’t waste time trying to assign blame to others, regardless of whether or not they had a role to play in the downfall of your plans.

5. Never give up after failure
One of the most important lessons we learn from failure is to never let it stop you. Watch the animation to know more.

0:00 How can we LEARN from FAILURE?
1:31 #1 Acceptance of failure is critical
2:34 #2 Use failure as an opportunity for growth
3:27 #3 Think through the Mistakes that Were Made
4:42 #4 Don’t blame others for failures
5:54 #5 Never give up after failure
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