About us

Hello, my viewers and my friends! I am your friendly guide, Mr. Smart, in your journey to learn, experience and adopt a smart way of living. But, what actually is smart living? And why you should even bother about it? Let me share with you my personal story.

I used to have a messy life, a REALLY MESSY LIFE. I did not know how to get rid of bad habits and cultivate the good ones. I did not know how to hustle and how to work smarter. To add fuel to the fury, it was very difficult for me to face failure. I was unable to prioritize my daily activities. My marital life was far from ideal. My social life was a mess. Financially, I was broke. However, I had an urge to improve my life. Then someday I got a copy of Stephen Covey’s book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” from a book store. I read its first chapter, and then its first part and so on. This book captivated my attention the way I had not experienced earlier. It introduced to me new ways of thinking, feeling and doing. It taught me how to graduate myself from dependence to independence on the first stage and independence to interdependence thereafter. It enabled me to seek and champion both the Private Victory and the Public one.

Afterward, some other gems like Daniel Goleman’s book “Emotional Intelligence” and Robert Kiyosaki’sRich Dad Poor Dad” groomed and sharpened skills. The final product of this whole learning, experimenting, and self-improvement is what I sum up as SMART LIVING. It is to live a smart and intentional life on five levels: physical, mental, social, professional and financial.

Each of these videos is an opportunity to step ahead to live a smart life. I shall take you through this journey of self-awareness and self-improvement as your friendly guide. Live Long Smart Living!