Dear viewers! Mr. Smart has explained the Stoic lessons from Marcus Aurelius’ Journal “Meditations”. Marcus Aurelius was a stoic emperor and has explained in his journal “Meditations,” Stoicism and how to build self discipline.

Stoicism isn’t complete without Marcus Aurelius. This animation is in fact Marcus Aurelius’s Documentary. What were the challenges in his life and how bravely he embraced all those challenges? Watch the complete video to know all about Marcus Aurelius, the stoic emperor.

Learn the following 9 Stoic Lessons from Meditations:
00:00 9 Stoic Lessons by Marcus Aurelius
01:09 1. Life is but what you deem it
03:48 2. The impediment to action advances action
06:10 3. Amor Fati
07:59 4. Memento Mori
09:55 5. Don’t bother what others are doing
10:50 6. Monitor and manage your use of social media
12:51 7. Let thy deeds be few
15:20 8. Green fields can always be yours
16:35 9. The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing

There is no objective reality in life. Rather our opinions and perceptions shape the realities around us. If someone hurts, insults or ridicules us, it is not the actual words that injure us. But our perception of this event injures and hurts us. Whenever someone does you a wrong, ask yourself how this episode can make you stronger and wiser. And then don’t stop to feel the pain. Rather use this pain and anger to fuel your efforts to achieve your targets and make yourself a better person.

You live in a metropolitan lifestyle but yearn for the countryside. You might be living in the suburbs but prefer your shot in a big city. You can live at the beach but dream of an island getaway.

Life is tough. BE TOUGHER! Life is hard. BE HARDER! Be stronger than what it takes to live.

Mr. Smart has crafted a complete animation on Marcus aurelius’ Book Meditations Review. You can watch it through the link below.

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1) “The Stoics: A Guide for the Perplexed” by Andrew Holowchak:
2) “The Stoics” by F. H. Sandbach:
3) “Stoicism and Emotion” by Margaret Graver:
4) “The Cambridge Companion to the Stoics” by Brad Inwood:
5) “Everything Has Two Handles” by Ronald Pies:
6) “Philosophy for Life” by Jules Evans:
7) “A New Stoicism” by Lawrence C. Becker:
8) “The Greatest Empire: A Life of Seneca” by Emily Wilson:
9) “Marcus Aurelius: A Life” by Frank McLynn:
10) “Dying Every Day: Seneca at the Court of Nero” by James Romm:

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