Stoicism is an Ancient Greek school of thought. It teaches one how to be calm and resilient when facing everyday struggles with the power of indifference. Above all else, this is to be done with a patient and an accepting attitude toward life. In this way, Stoics are meant to be indifferent to vicissitudes of misfortune and discomfort. This is how a good stoic achieve a lasting state of serenity, within his or her own psyche. In fact, the Stoics have the art of not caring. This is also why stoicism remains so relevant in the modern world. In fact, although stoicism may go out of fashion, from time to time, it will never go away altogether.

I think it’s worth noting that stoicism is what gave Marcus Aurelius the resolve he needed to rule the Roman Empire, for as long as he did. Then, centuries later, the Emperor’s journals served as an inspiration to Nelson Mandela, during his 27-years imprisonment in South Africa.

Stoicism is becoming increasingly more popular in the 21st century, after having gone through decline throughout the 20th. In regards to this, one of the most important stoics, of all time, was a man named Seneca the Younger. He was born in 4 BCE. Regardless, his teachings were given mainly through a number of correspondence lessons. Seneca wrote letters to many of his friends, to offer them counsel on different issues throughout the years. As an example, one such friend was a civil servant, named Lucilius. In his particular case, there was a lawsuit against him that threatened to ruin his reputation, thereby ending his political career. So, not knowing what to do, Lucilius wrote a letter to Seneca asking for his help. Watch the video to know more.
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