Do YOU ever wonder how to decide in a complicated situation? How to deal with a difficult person? How to maintain your dignity? How to fight swamping distress? How to overcome the fear of death? If your answer is yes, MR. SMART has crafted this animated video with love and care precisely for YOU. Marcus Aurelius braved all these challenges gracefully. And how he did it, he wrote all in his bedside journal later named as Meditations. It was never meant to be published for any fanfare or commercial interests. So, you can safely expect all advice, thoughts, and ideas to be original and genuine right from one of the greatest minds of human history. SUBSCRIBE Mr. Smart so that he can continue making such animated videos for you. Now, let us start to collect the pearls of wisdom:

1) “Life is but what you deem it.”
There is no objective reality in life. Rather our opinions and perceptions shape the realities around us. If someone hurts, insults or ridicules us, it is not the actual words that injure us. But our perception of this event injures and hurts us. Whenever someone does you wrong, ask yourself how this episode can make you stronger and wiser. And then don’t stop feeling the pain. Rather use this pain and anger to fuel your efforts to achieve your targets and make yourself a better person. Watch the animated video to know more.

1:16 #1 “Life is what you deem it”
3:56 #2 “The impediment to action advances action
6:15 #3 “Amor Fati”
8:06 #4 “Memento Mori”
10:04 #5 Don’t bother what others are doing
11:21 #6 Monitor & manage your use of social media
13:23 #7 “Let thy deeds be few”
15:48 #8 “Greenfields can always be yours ….”
17:06 #9 “The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing”

1) “The Stoics: A Guide for the Perplexed” by Andrew Holowchak:
2) “The Stoics” by F. H. Sandbach:
3) “Stoicism and Emotion” by Margaret Graver:
4) “The Cambridge Companion to the Stoics” by Brad Inwood:
5) “Everything Has Two Handles” by Ronald Pies:
6) “Philosophy for Life” by Jules Evans:
7) “A New Stoicism” by Lawrence C. Becker:
8) “The Greatest Empire: A Life of Seneca” by Emily Wilson:
9) “Marcus Aurelius: A Life” by Frank McLynn:
10) “Dying Every Day: Seneca at the Court of Nero” by James Romm:

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Stoic Morning Routine:
3 Stoic Rules:
9 Stoic Rules of Life:
Book Review of Meditation:
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