How does one live well? It is a question that our fellow human beings have been pondering for centuries. Out of that simple question, many philosophies and religions have been born. But no philosophy does a better job of explaining the ideas for living well in a practical way than Stoicism.

The Emperor-Philosopher Marcus Aurelius, once the most powerful man on earth, was also a practitioner of Stoicism. Marcus wrote a collection of thoughts, ideas, and rules for life in what was later published as Meditation. He wrote the things in that book for his own use. He was practicing the philosophy of Stoicism. In “The Inner Citadel” by Pierre Hadot, a book that analyzes Meditations, I read that Marcus had 3 rules for life that are found throughout Meditations. Hadot identifies the 3 rules for the life of Marcus Aurelius as the following concepts:

(2) Desire
(3) The impulse toward action.

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