Epictetus and James Stockdale: Let us discuss the case study of James Stockdale’s historic cavalry and endurance to understand whether the stoic teachings of Epictetus result in active endurance or the passive kind.

Admiral James Stockdale, an American prisoner of war in Vietnam, in his autobiography “Courage under Fire” credits the teachings of Epictetus for inspiring him to bear the tortures for seven long years from 1965 to 1973. Being a United States Navy vice admiral, he was the highest-ranking prisoner in the Vietnam War who was later awarded the Medal of Honor. Out of the seven years in imprisonment, he spent four years in solitary confinement with two years in leg irons. He patiently bore all this because of the wisdom and endurance of Epictetus in his mind.

It was this spirit that enabled Admiral Stockdale to withstand the physical and mental torture gracefully and intelligently. Later, the author Jim Collins popularized the Stockdale Paradox, through his bestselling book “Good to Great.” It means to impartially evaluate your current situation and balance optimism with realism. Mr. Smart will put the idea for you in these words: acknowledge your current position, actively seek solutions to your current problems and endure your hardships with unbreakable patience and tolerance like Epictetus and James Stockdale. That’s how it is an “active endurance”, not a passive one.

Let us further explore the impact of Epictetus ‘ teachings during Admiral James Stockdale’s struggle. Admiral James Stockdale in his book “Courage Under Fire” credits Epictetus’ teachings for giving him the strength to make this heroic episode of cavalry and active endurance a reality. Watch the animated video to know more.

💡 “Courage Under Fire” by James Stockdale: https://amzn.to/2Ne2720

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Marcus Aurelius on Stoicism and Anger Management: https://youtu.be/FXgztuA_hq8

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