Do you ever wonder why do people procrastinate? Here are my 4 tips to cure procrastination FOREVER! Today, we shall learn how to break the procrastination cycle.

Recently, I started coaching an aspiring entrepreneur I’ll call Ted. Ted is an incredibly knowledgeable and talented guy who is smart as a whip. He knows his stuff, revels in gaining new knowledge, and has a ton of value to offer his potential clients. He has an excellent business strategy, fabulous writing skills, and is highly receptive to feedback. In short, Ted has all the characteristics needed to be wildly successful.

There’s just one problem. Ted has a pretty consistent history of not following through on his commitments to himself. He does not know how not to procrastinate.

As a result, he is still slogging away at a full-time job he hates, taking small steps to build his business on the side, but stopping short whenever it’s time to pull the trigger by being more visible or putting an offering out there. So, despite all of his positive qualities, he has been underachieving for most of his adult life, but cannot for the life of him, explain why. Simply, Procrastination! Why do you procrastinate so much and how to cure procrastination forever?

I am Dr. Patricia Thompson, a Corporate Psychologist, and Executive Coach. Across the years, I have worked with a lot of clients like Ted who have big dreams, but for one reason or another, stop themselves short of taking the actions required to achieve them.

And, like Ted, many of them have difficulty articulating why they find themselves in this holding pattern. They don’t know how to not procrastinate.

If this quandary resonates at all with you, read on for FOUR of the most common causes of procrastination I have found people procrastinate, and how to kill procrastination. While watching this animation, figure out for you what is the main cause of procrastination?

1. Deadline-Oriented Work Style
If you have this sort of work style, you get your juices flowing when a deadline is imminent. So, the classic example of this would be completing a 10-page paper the night before it is due. While this quality is great for being able to deliver under pressure, it becomes a lot less desirable when a task doesn’t have a set timeline. So, if you are an entrepreneur like Ted, or in a similar field in which deadlines are ambiguous and/or self-imposed, you may find yourself having difficulty mustering the motivation to work with the sense of urgency needed to consistently get things done. But, how to beat procrastination once and for all?

2. Perfectionism
Are you someone who allows perfect to become the enemy of good? If you are, in your quest to make sure that whatever task you are working on is absolutely flawless, you can end up spinning your wheels unnecessarily fine-tuning it but never completing it. What is the life hacks to stop procrastinating? And, how to break out of procrastination.
Watch the animation to know how to cure procrastination forever.

0:00 Why do people procrastinate?
1:44 #1 deadline-Oriented Work Style
2:51 #2 Perfectionism
3:34 #3 Feeling Overwhelmed
4:30 #4 Fear
5:43 Two Questions?
6:21 How to inculcate smart and intentional living?
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