How to enter FLOW STATE of mind & CURE procrastination FOREVER? Let us explore these 5 Daily Habits for Productivity. The essence of priming habits is to enter you into a flow state of mind. From this state of mind, it’ll be much easier to cure procrastination forever and be productive compared to when you’re in a ‘normal’ state of mind. But, why do people procrastinate? Yes, I am your friendly guide Mr. Smart and today we shall have a deep dive into five daily habits for productivity and success which will enable you to kill procrastination, focus your mind and achieve success.

Priming Habit 1: Don’t forget your goals rather keep reviewing them daily
One of the most common reasons why people don’t achieve their goals is that, over time, they simply forget about their goals. One of the most effective ways to counter this is by reviewing your goals every day — once in the morning and once in the evening. By reviewing your goals, they’re at the top of your mind again. This sparks the motivation to take action and break the procrastination cycle. Furthermore, it ensures you take focused action towards your goals instead of wandering through the day without a clear direction.

Priming Habit 2: Visualize achieving your goals
But! How to visualize achieving your goals? Do morning visualization that you have achieved your goals and living your dream life. That is the path to get in the zone. This will spark inspiration and elevate your mindset. From this state of mind, it feels more natural to take action and be productive instead of watching Netflix on the couch. Priming Habit 3: Read books for productivity, focus, and success.

Priming Habit 3: Read books for productivity, focus, and success
The more you read, the better equipped you are to achieve your goals. It doesn’t have to be hours in a row — 15 minutes at the start of your day can already be enough.

Priming Habit 4: Meditate daily to become successful.
Meditation is one of the essential habits to attain success, focus your thoughts, and sharpen your mindThat is how meditation and success in life correlate with each other. Watch the animation to know more

0:00 Why do people procrastinate?
0:54 5 Daily Habits for Productivity
1:10 #1 Don’t forget your goals rather keep reviewing them daily
2:23 #2 Visualize achieving your goals
3:17 #3 Read books for productivity, focus, and success
4:37 #4 Meditate daily to become successful
5:29 #5 Affirmations for focus and productivity
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