How to protect your focus and what is the path to get in the ZONE?
The lack of focus is truly an epidemic. Most people haven’t even experienced the power of ‘flow state’ — the most productive state we can be in — because of the continuous distractions and interruptions. With this animation, however, you’ll be equipped with the right tools and habits to protect your focus and reach flow state more often.
This animation is based on writing of Jari Roomer.
Distractions are the number one enemy of your focus and productivity. Thus, to achieve a flow state of mind more frequently, you need to remove the main sources of distraction from your work environment.
It’s the battle of instant gratification vs. delayed gratification. The best way to win this battle is by avoiding it as much as possible. Here are a few tips to do so:
• To not get distracted by your phone put it on flight mode and place it in a different room or in your bag
• Now, how to not get distracted while working on the computer. Simply, download a website blocker to stop yourself from checking news websites, social media, YouTube, etc.
The key is to deprive yourself of all potential distractions so that you get focused and motivated to do your single most important work. When there are zero distractions, you create the space to enter the flow state and do deep work.
So, make intentional efforts to control your monkey mind.
An untrained monkey mind distracts us from our work, talks us out of doing the things we should be doing, and seeks constant stimulation. To focus your mind and achieve any goal, we need to tame the monkey mind.
Meditate to control your monkey mind.
Meditation isn’t woo-woo stuff; it’s actually scientifically proven to avoid the distraction of mind, improve your focus, decrease inner chatter, and improve your happiness. All in all, it’s one of the most effective ways to tame the monkey mind and to focus intensely on your work. That’s how meditation and success in life go hand in hand.
Journal daily to concentrate your mind.
Daily journaling is another habit I’d recommend to limit internal distractions and focus on work better. This frees up mental resources and enables you to focus your mind and achieve success. Watch the animation to know more.

0:00 How to protect your focus?
1:04 How to enter flow state of mind?
1:44 Step 1: Blocking External Distractions
4:55 Step 2: Limiting Internal Distractions
6:18 Meditate to control your monkey mind.
7:11 Journal daily to concentrate your mind.
9:28 How to inculcate smart living?
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