How is it that on some days you feel highly motivated, energized, and willing to put in the work, while on other days you feel more like procrastinating?

Therefore, learning how to take control of your state of mind — and get into a ‘peak state’ at will — is essential to achieve success. If you don’t, you’ll always be at the mercy of the state of your mind. But! How to enter a flow state of mind? Let us discover the path to get in the zone in a little detail.

These days don’t happen often, but when they do, it’s almost always when I fail to get myself into a peak state because I didn’t follow certain priming habits and routines. On the days where I follow ‘peak state habits’, however, I’m almost always highly productive. That’s no coincidence.

Habits & Routines Work
Peak state habits, morning routines, and pre-work rituals are very effective. It doesn’t directly create or produce anything, but it helps to get you into a state of mind from which you’ll be a lot more focused, productive, and consistent. Some of the habits and routines that help me get into a peak state are:

• Begin your day with affirmations
• Taking a cold shower
• Exercising – Even a short 5-minute workout can be enough to get into a peak state
• Review your goals every day
• Meditate daily to become successful
• Reflecting on the negative long-term consequences of consistently procrastinating
• Visualize your dream life
• Listen to music that energizes me
• Watch a motivational video like what you are doing right now
• Read books for productivity, focus, and success

By following these peak state routines, you get into the right state of mind from where work seems to flow much more effortlessly. That is how to protect your focus and reach the flow state.
Successfully changing your state at will, over and over again, is what will set you apart from the rest. It’s what will help you perform at the highest levels, stop procrastinating, and do the things that are right for you and your future. That is how to focus your mind and achieve any goal.
This way, you start the day inspired, energized, and focused. When you start the day in a peak state of mind, you will be able to focus on work better. Watch the video to know more.
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