Across the years, I have found myself a little envious of people who are naturally organized. For example, I remember being in awe of one of my coaching clients who mentioned that her closet is color-coded, her pantry is alphabetized, and that her filing system includes printed labels, dated ticklers, and elaborate and systematic use of sticky notes.

I am Dr. Patricia Thompson, a Corporate Psychologist, and Executive Coach. Today, I am a guest speaker on Mr. Smart’s YouTube channel.

Now, the truth is that I am someone who wasn’t born with the organization gene. My new year’s resolution to keep my bedroom clean dates back to elementary school. Although the demands of graduate school, work with senior executives and having a family have definitely caused me to up my game in the organizing department, the truth is, these are the skills that I consistently have to work on.

Intuitively, something always told me that there were benefits to the organization and a lack of clutter, and recently, I’ve discovered that science also backs up what my gut was telling me. Listen on to learn why decluttering is good for you. In fact, these are the five reasons to declutter:

1. Clutter reduces your ability to focus

In one study, Princeton researchers conducted fMRIs on the brains of research subjects as they completed tasks requiring attention. In the different experimental conditions, the number of visual stimuli to which people were exposed was varied, to see how it would affect their ability to perform the task. The researchers found that the more visual distractions that were present, the more the subjects’ attention was hampered. In other words, having to ignore visual distractions took mental energy, and this caused the subjects to perform more poorly on the task. The bottom line is that if you need to focus, you will likely be better able to do so in a calm and clean environment. This relationship between clutter and the ability to focus is a strong reason for decluttering.

2. Clutter and health
In another study, subjects completed questionnaires at either an orderly desk or a messy desk and then were offered the choice of an apple or candy on their way out the door. Those who had been at the clean desk were three times more likely to choose the apple, suggesting that the clean environment promoted other desirable behaviors. Watch the animation to know more.

0:00 Why decluttering is good for you
1:36 #1 Clutter reduces your ability to focus
2:32 #2 Clutter and health
3:00 #3 A clean desk is associated with more generous behavior
3:27 #4 Clutter and stress relationship
4:17 #5 The effect of clutter on productivity
4:47 Tips for decluttering and organizing your home
5:00 #1 How to get rid of the clutter in your house?
5:23 #2 Declutter in phases
6:04 #3 Have a dedicated space for important items
6:28 #4 Do it now
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