Let us explore 10 professional life hacks for successful life which Nicolas Cole has advocated in his article in Inc. Magazine.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day.
When you see certain individuals achieve a level of unimaginable success, it’s not because they have more hours in the day than you. It’s because somehow they’ve figured out how to deploy those hours in a way that is more effective and more productive, and allows for compounding results.

I am your friendly guide Mr. Smart and today I have brought to you the animated version of highly insightful writing of my mentor, Nicolas Cole. Subscribe to my YouTube channel or visit the website MrSmart.Org if you want to lead an intentional and smart life. You can also join me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram through the link in the description. Now, let us see what advice Nicolas Cole has for you.

Whether your goal is to take your career to the next level or to just have more control over your personal schedule, these are the 10 life professional hacks you absolutely need to implement in your daily routine for successful life:

1. Set alarms for everything.

I know I’m not the only person who lives by the mantra, “If it’s not in my mobile calendar, it doesn’t happen.”

Success tends to be the result of being able to manage more with less — meaning you can handle 10x the responsibilities of most people, but with the same (or even less) effort. This goes back to the idea of working smart, not hard.

So, with an increase in responsibilities, you can’t expect yourself to remember everything. In fact, it’s a waste of brainpower. Just set reminders and show up when you need to. It’s that easy. Watch the animation to know more.

0:00 Why some individuals are more successful?
1:06 #1 Set alarms for everything.
1:54 #2 If someone wants to schedule a call, send a Google calendar invite.
2:34 #3 Chunk your activities together
3:34 #4 Start your day with the hardest task.
4:28 #5 Do free work for someone you very badly want to learn from.
5:33 #6 Save more than you spend.
6:30 #7 Build your personal brand online.
7:45 #8 Schedule time to relax.
8:25 #9 Delegate as much as possible.
9:01 #10 The more successful you get, remind yourself to stay open and
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💡Animations based on Nicolas Cole’s writings

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More to come soon. Stay Tuned!
💡Books by Nicolas Cole

1) Letter To My Imagination: https://amzn.to/3cqRNyl
2) Confessions of a Teenage Gamer: https://amzn.to/34Pk9Qj
3) Slow Down, Wake Up: https://amzn.to/3afFfbH
💡This was initially published as an article in Inc. magazine by Nicolas Cole: https://www.inc.com/nicolas-cole/the-top-10-professional-life-hacks.html

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