How to cope with a crisis amid the Coronavirus pandemic? Dr. Patricia Thompson is our guest today. Listen to her attentively.

Like most people in the world, my life has been totally upended by COVID-19. From homeschooling my first grader to canceling a Spring Break vacation and a trip up to Canada to visit my mom for Easter, to spending the majority of every day inside our house, this wasn’t exactly the April that I had anticipated.

I’ve also been responding to a lot of questions about how to cope – whether through apps or journalists who have asked me to provide my expertise, people who have sent me messages on Instagram, or others who have sought me out to give advice via podcasts or webinars. What the bulk of the questions I’m receiving have in common are underlying emotions that people are having difficulty dealing with – anxiety, fear, uncertainty, guilt, and anger, to name a few.

I am Dr. Patricia Thompson, a Corporate Psychologist, and Executive Coach and I am passionate about helping my clients to flourish by helping them to apply the science of psychology to become better leaders and achieve their career goals and have greater happiness in life. You can find the link to my website in the cards and description. Today, I am a guest speaker on Mr. Smart’s YouTube channel. So, subscribe to this channel to learn about smart and intentional living.

Now, in my sessions with clients (which now are all done online – another unanticipated change), I have heard similar stories. For some, work responsibilities have ramped way up, and they’re trying their best to avoid burnout, as they struggle to balance all that they need to get done in their professional and personal lives. For others, things have slowed way down. Yet, despite all the extra time, many are still finding it challenging to be productive, because the underlying sense of dread and worry in our world is seemingly at odds with creativity, focus, and producing their best work. Watch the animation to know more.
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