Stoicism acting without anger. In this video, you’ll learn how Marcus used Stoicism anger management. Follow these Stoic strategies by Marcus Aurelius to learn the best way to control your anger and stoic response to anger.

Stoicism is an ancient Greek school of philosophy, which inspired modern evidence-based cognitive psychotherapy.

00:00 Stoicism and Anger Management
01:18 1. Remember we’re social animals
02:26 2. Consider their character as a whole
03:23 3. No person does evil willingly
04:24 4. Remember that you’re not perfect
04:45 5. You cannot read their minds
05:06 6. Remember life is transient
05:39 7. It’s not things that upset us…
06:22 8. Anger does us more harm…
06:57 9. Kindness is the antidote to anger
07:40 10. Don’t act surprised

Acknowledging your own flaws at that moment, can help to moderate the intensity of your angry feelings. This is how to be less angry all the time.

This is the most famous psychological strategy of Stoicism anger. Learn how to use stoicism to control your anger.

There’s always another way of looking at things. Learn from Seneca how to control your anger stoicism.
Our own anger, though, harms our very character – it gets to the very core of our being and transforms our personality. But how to stop being angry all the time?

A very simple but powerful strategy of stoicism dealing with anger is that if you want to remove something try replacing it with its opposite.

That’s how to control your anger.
Mr. Smart has crafted this animation based on the writing of Donald Robertson. He is the author of “How to Think like a Roman Emperor.”

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