The belief that a person can learn to identify, understand, and manage emotions has proved to be a powerful one. But, how to build emotional intelligence and how to master your emotions?

If you are into developing emotional intelligence, you will find these 12 practical techniques very helpful for learning how to control your emotions.

00:00 Intro
00:37 1. Embrace “the rule of awkward silence”
01:20 2. Use “the three-second trick”
01:49 3. Try to control your thoughts
02:19 4. Listen to feedback
03:05 5. Make your feedback constructive
03:45 6. Disagree and commit
04:53 7. Show empathy
05:43 8. Ask for help
06:24 9. Help others
06:49 10. Apologize
07:12 11. Forgive
07:47 12. Be yourself

Follow these practical techniques and you’ll find yourself one milestone ahead at the route of self improvement and personal development.

Mr. Smart has crafted a special series of animations on Emotional Intelligence and EQ, to help viewers in developing emotional intelligence on youtube. Don’t forget to watch it through the link just below!

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What is Emotional Intelligence:
How to Improve Emotional Intelligence:
How to instantly Boost Emotional Intelligence:
Dark Side of Emotional Intelligence:
Personal Branding:
Mr. Smart has crafted this animation based on the writing of Justin Bariso. You can find the original draft here:
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