Mr. Smart is a fan of developing emotional intelligence. But, it is a fact emotional intelligence can easily be used for emotional manipulation. If you want to learn more about what is emotional intelligence, watch another video through the link below.

This video delves deep into the emotional intelligence’ dark side. Watch it till the end to know about Adam Grant’s article The Dark Side of Emotional Intelligence and what is the remedy of such emotional manipulation.

Emotional intelligence is a lot like “normal” intelligence, or any other ability for that matter: You can hone your skills and use them for either good or evil. Much like someone with a brilliant mind could become a lifesaving surgeon or a serial killer, one with superior EQ has a choice between two very different paths.

Adam Grant points out, the unbridled enthusiasm for emotional intelligence has obscured a dark side.

With all of these potentially dreadful uses of emotional intelligence, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to develop it. On the contrary, this is all the more reason to heighten your EQ. Used ethically, emotional intelligence can help gain an advantage for both you and those you are dealing with.

Being mindful of this allows you to use emotions for you, instead of against you. However, like any skill, people will use emotional intelligence for both honorable and devious purposes.

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Mr. Smart has crafted this animation based on the writing of Justin Bariso. You can find the original draft here:


00:00 Intro
01:26 Andrew Giambrone’s Research
02:10 Adam Grant’s Research
02:26 Adolf Hitler
04:18 Why Emotional Intelligence Is More Important than Ever
07:20 What is Emotional Intelligence?
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