Our actions tend to be reactive, as opposed to proactive. Good reflexes can help us. But we get into trouble when we let emotions rule those reactions. We must strive to learn how to control our emotions and how to build emotional intelligence.

In this video, we shall learn how to master our emotions and boost emotional intelligence instantly with this one step: The Pause!!!

Watch the complete video to learn how to improve emotional intelligence skills.

What one action can sharpen your emotional quotient or EQ, help you develop emotional intelligence, and save you from doing something you regret? Yes, it’s PAUSE!!

Pausing–at times, even for just a few seconds–can make a major difference in how you react. Use of pause is the best way to master your emotions leading to self development. Before you dismiss this as simple common sense, remember:
The pause is easy in theory, difficult in practice.

Use the pause effectively and efficiently this way:
1. Stop
2. Take a deep, long breathe
3. If possible, take a walk
4. Write it down

Mr. Smart has crafted this animation to help you in developing emotional intelligence and personal development.
💡 Highly Recommended

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Mr. Smart has crafted this animation based on the writing of Justin Bariso. You can find the original draft here:


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