What is emotional intelligence and why is it important? Watch the complete video to learn about emotional mastery and the importance of emotional intelligence.

In 1995, science journalist Daniel Goleman published a book introducing most of the world to the nascent concept of emotional intelligence and emotional quotient or EQ in short.

The world has dramatically changed in the over 20 years since Goleman’s book burst onto the scene. And it’s become obvious that the importance of emotional intelligence or EQ has only intensified.

Take a look at the following examples to get the idea that why emotional intelligence is important, and see if they look familiar:

A fractured political climate takes center stage, where candidates use emotions like fear and anger as “weapons of mass persuasion.” Passionate followers–quick to judge the other side as stupid or incorrigible–then pursue heated discourse and hurl ad hominem attacks, making calm and rational discussion all but impossible.

As this Pavlovian addiction to our devices slowly destroys our self-control, it simultaneously diminishes our ability to think for ourselves. The websites we frequent play a major role in shaping our emotions; the stories we read, the news we consume, the videos we watch all shape our moods and thoughts, slowly molding our opinions and ideologies.

Most often, we don’t even realize it. Additionally, as the world has evolved, so has our understanding of emotional intelligence and EQ.

Emotions are a basic part of us; they make us human. The key is not to remove emotions from our decision-making process or to pursue some robotic form of existence. Instead, you must learn to deal with those emotions in a productive way. This learning starts with understanding what is emotional intelligence or EQ and why it is important.

Those abilities can help increase the quality of your interactions with others and help you build stronger relationships ultimately leading to self improvement and satisfaction in your life.
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