There is a constant battle for control of your emotions while you strive to build emotional intelligence. Since most of the emotions you experience occur instinctively. But you can control how you react to those feelings by focusing on your thoughts and thereby building your emotional intelligence.

Learn the following seven methods to develop emotional intelligence and know how to improve emotional intelligence skills. This will help you make wiser decisions and avoid saying and doing things you’ll later regret:

00:00 How to build Emotional Intelligence?
01:05 1. Pause
02:35 2. Volume
03:18 3. Mute
04:18 4. Record
05:16 5. Rewind
06:23 6. Fast-forward
07:42 7. Trailer

Implement these techniques to your life for self improvement and learn how to control your emotions. Mr. Smart is helping the viewers to master emotions and build emotional intelligence by discussing in detail the importance of emotional intelligence. Subscribe now to delve deep into what is emotional intelligence, how to build your emotional intelligence and sharpening your emotional quotient.
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What is Emotional Intelligence:
Emotional Intelligence (Playlist):
How to instantly Boost Emotional Intelligence:
Dark Side of Emotional Intelligence:
How to build Emotional Intelligence?:
Mr. Smart has crafted this animation based on the writing of Justin Bariso. You can find the original draft here:
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