Time is the most valuable thing we have, and unfortunately, it is a finite resource. Mr. Smart is here with a few time management techniques for managers. Follow these time management tips will make your life simpler and easier.

Time management strategies for workplace work if you’re already good at time management. For the rest of us, they are more likely to add stress and another thing to our to-do list: the opposite of what they’re intended to do.

Productivity is essential, both for your company and your brain. It feels good to cross things off
your to-do list. But chasing that productivity comes with diminishing returns. Working more hours
does not come with increased productivity, and the added stress can actually make you worse
at soft skills like interpersonal communication.

For better time management skills, we need to stop thinking in the order of individual decisions. Instead, we need to operate on a set of principles. Principles allow you to live out your values without getting bogged down by choices. Defining your principles has a cascading effect, where that one decision makes a hundred others for you.

Another way to reduce decision-making is simply better planning. Most people manage their calendars reactively, responding to the calendar requests of the company and their team. While at face value this makes sense, it means that you don’t actually control your time. So, how do you change that? You’re going to have to say “NO” to stuff.

In other words, saying “no” to less meaningful tasks means getting to say an enthusiastic “YES!” to the things that matter. And yes, these time management tips and strategies will prove beneficial for your work as well as your personal life.

0:00 Time Management Strategies
1:06 Admit you have a problem
1:40 Don’t make decisions. Operate on principles
2:59 Add structure
3:44 Identify your lowest impact tasks
4:09 Evaluate which tasks give you anxiety
4:37 Turn your to-do list into a calendar
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