My friends! Do you aspire to attain time balance or time abundance in your time management regime? Hold your answer until the end of this video.

Highly effective and incredibly successful people do not believe in achieving balance in their life when it comes to productivity and good time management. They work to gain excellence and greatness in all aspects of their life. What does balance really mean? Your partial attention and energy to all things in your life, Like 33% of your time, energy and focus to your family, 33%to your work and the remaining 33%lo relaxations. But, do you really want to give only 33% of your time, energy and focus to your family, work or leisure? That is not the path to greatness. With such a balanced time, energy and focus, you will only achieve a BALANCED success. For extraordinary success, you need to give your fullest to whatever you do in your life. People who know the importance of time management allocate their hyper-focus and a relentless effort to whatever is directly in front of them at a point in time.

Learn from Elon Musk! He talks about revolutionizing transportation on earth and in space. He further plans to colonize Mars while working 100 hours a week as CEO of Tesla Motors, SolarCity and SpaceX, Besides this, he spends quality time with his five children and workout twice a week in this schedule. He does not know the balance in his time, energy and focus while pursuing incredibly big goals. Rather he works using his time blocking technique or one may say timeboxing technique.

Watch this animated video to know more about time abundance and time boxing or time blocking technique.

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