How to Break Bad Habits and form Good Ones? 3 Lessons from James Clear’s Atomic Habits

In Seth Godin’s presentation for his book Linchpin, he shows a baseball bat flying into the stands. While Seth uses the picture to make a point about our irrational fears, sometimes, those fears come true.
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For James Clear, THEY DID. When he was in high school, a baseball bat smashed right into his face. A broken nose, dangerous brain swellings, dislocated eyes — his recovery took months.

To get his baseball career back on track, he had no choice but to rely on the power of small gains. In college, he slowly accumulated good habits and eventually managed to become one of 33 players for the All-American Academic team. Wow!

Today, he is a popular habit researcher, reaching millions through his blog. His first book, Atomic Habits, is now the definitive guide on the topic and has become a New York Times bestseller.

Yes, I am Mr. Smart and we are going to have a deep dive into how to break bad habits and form good ones. This animation is based on the highly thought-provoking writing of my friend, Niklas Goeke. Watch this video till the end to find a brief introduction to Niklas Goeke and a few intriguing questions. And yes, subscribe to this channel before watching any further if you are interested in smart and intentional living.

Now!!! Let us come back to the topic at hand. Here are 3 lessons that James Clear has learned to break bad habits and create good ones. You can use these lessons to change a bad habit into a good one on your own. Watch the animation to know more.

0:00 How to Break Bad Habits and Form Good Ones?
1:47 #1 All Habits are based on a Four-Step Pattern
3:44 #2 You Must Make Habits Obvious, Attractive, Easy, and Satisfying
5:14 #3 Use Habit Trackers to Stick to Your New Behaviors
6:42 Summary of James Clear’s Atomic Habits
7:12 Two Questions
7:28 Who is Niklas Goeke?
8:13 How to inculcate smart living in your life?
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