As a corporate psychologist, I’ve worked with hundreds of highly motivated clients, helping them to adopt strategies to achieve success in life. I’ve noticed that although a lot of people think they have the right mindset to achieve goals, in reality, many of them are unwittingly making some very common mistakes. So, how to achieve your goals through the right mindset?

Here are the four most common mindset shifts to succeed in life:

1. Turn “I’ll try” into “I’ll do”
When you think about your goal, your mindset is that you’ll try things out and see what happens; your commitment is a little shaky. If, however, you’ve decided that you’re fully committed to accomplishing your goal no matter what, it’s what makes people successful.

2. Shift your fixed mindset into a growth mindset
People with growth mindsets are more persistent in the face of challenges, more open to feedback, and quicker to bounce back from setbacks. As a result, they are more likely to become successful in life and business.

3. Focus on the journey as much as the destination
All too often, when people are working towards their goals, too much of their focus is on the fact that they haven’t yet accomplished them.
When you continually think about how much further you have to go, you might feel like you’ll never accomplish your goal, and be more prone to give up.

4. Don’t move away from your perceived weakness – move towards your goal
These two mindsets might sound like the same thing. However, I’ve found that the difference in your underlying motivation can have a huge impact on whether or not you become successful in life. Watch the animation to know more.

0:00 How to create a POSITIVE MINDSET and achieve your goals?
0:38 #1 Turn “I’ll try” into “I’ll do”
1:14 #2 Shift your fixed mindset into a growth mindset
2:01 #3 Focus on the journey as much as the destination
2:42 #4 Don’t move away from your perceived weakness
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