Prefer effective over efficient and you will become effective and successful in life and work in 2020.
But, what is the difference between efficiency and effectiveness?
Being effective is all about working on the RIGHT THINGS. This is what yields the most productive results. Logically, it’s where you should spend the majority of your time, energy, and attention.
Efficiency, on the other hand, is about doing any task — no matter the importance — a little faster and a little better. Of course, that’s good. Especially when applied to highly valuable tasks and projects. But it’s not nearly as essential as most people make it. So, prefer effectiveness over efficiency.
Instead of spending so much time researching the latest productivity tools and hacks, it’s much more important to spend that time reflecting on whether you’re truly effective with your work or not. In short, focus on being effective.
Ask yourself, is this task genuinely moving the needle towards my goals? Does this project lead to meaningful outcomes such as impact, profit, growth, or increased happiness?
Separate the essential from the non-essential
Prioritization is critical when it comes to being effective. You need to become a master at separating the essential from the non-essential. Take a look at your past week and reflect for a moment. How much time did you spend on truly mission-critical tasks and how much time in busy work?
Consistently prioritizing the essential tasks is how to maximize effectiveness in your life and business.
Efficiency doesn’t make much sense when you don’t know how to be truly effective yet. Only when you’re confident in your effectiveness, think about becoming more efficient. That’s when you can try to do the work a little faster and a bit better. It is the art of managing for efficiency and effectiveness. Watch the animation to know more.
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