Do you wonder how to become successful in life and business and how spend your free time productively?

Anyone who truly becomes successful in life and business sees that time as their daily standard. During your free hours, you can learn. You can grow. You can improve certain skills. You can even make money.

You have to spend more time learning outside of class or work than you do in it. That is how to become successful in life, business or career. How you measure “success” is pretty simple: you either practiced for the day or you didn’t. If your Leading Goal is to get fit, you either went to the gym or you didn’t. If your Leading Goal is to launch a startup, you either worked on that startup today or you didn’t.

Investing in yourself and really building yourself (or a project) begins with the daily habit of actually doing it. If you spend time around people who share the same Leading Goal as you, or have a Leading Goal that inspires you to work harder toward your own Leading Goal, you will move and grow 10x faster.

Part of investing in yourself is about being your own hardest critic and pushing yourself to get deep into the work. Just allocating the time to practice is only part of the battle. The other half comes down to what you do with that time, and how much you make it work for you.

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