How to stay focused while working at home? Are you currently working from home? You want to know more about Working from Home vs. the Office. If yes, this animation is precisely for you.

As a consultant to different organizations, I hear a lot of perspectives about working from home vs working at the office. Most employees love it. While some employers see it as a beneficial policy that boosts employee engagement and saves office space, others see it as detrimental, in that it detracts from teamwork and may encourage slacking off. So, how to make work from home effective?

I am Dr. Patricia Thompson, a Corporate Psychologist, and Executive Coach. I am passionate about helping you to understand the science of working from home vs the office. Today, I am a guest speaker on Mr. Smart’s YouTube channel.

Now, the research presents a bit of a mixed bag in terms of distance work vs working from an office. For example, Prithwiraj Choudhury, an associate professor at the Harvard Business School, found in his research that having employees working remotely can, “increase employee productivity, reduce turnover, and lower organizational costs.”

Another study out of the Stanford Graduate School of Business found a 13% improvement in performance associated with working from home. But, how to work from home more effectively?

There are some potential drawbacks to working from home. For instance, one survey found that people who work from home tend to be more disengaged and are more likely to quit. Working from home can also make collaborations less efficient.

These days a lot of organizations are conducting a real-life experiment as more and more people are being told to work from home. Given the information outlined above, remote work can be very productive, but how to be more productive while working from home. If you’re working at home during this time, here are working remotely from home tips about :

1. Set a Schedule and Hold Yourself Accountable to it
Working from home can be wonderful for flexibility. As long as you’re not on calls, you can schedule your time to be productive around your natural rhythms. However, this flexibility can come at a cost, with numerous opportunities for distraction, such as social media, family members, and even internal distractions such as a desire to procrastinate. To manage against this, make sure to set a schedule to determine in advance when you will work, and what you will be working on at any given. That is how to work from home efficiently. Watch the animation to know more.

0:00 Working from Home vs. the Office
2:25 How to stay focused while working at home?
2:38 #1 Set a Schedule and Hold Yourself Accountable to it
3:26 #2 Communicate With Colleagues
4:19 #3 Differentiate Work Time from Personal Time
5:10 #4 Set Ground Rules with People at Home
5:46 #5 Take Breaks
7:07 How to inculcate Smart and Intentional living?
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