If you are worried about these questions:
1. How to improve your financial situation
2. How to improve your financial health
3. How to improve your financial wellness

Worry no more!!

In this video, I’ll share 4 financial habits that will help you go from absolutely rock-bottom broke to being on the path toward financial health and wellness.

The goal is to be rich, not look rich. Yet, most people waste so much money on looking rich that
they prevent themselves from actually being rich. When you spend a lot of money on stuff that makes you look rich such as designer clothes or a brand new car, you don’t have enough money left to invest in financial assets. That’s how to improve your financial health.

The more skills mastered, the more value you can bring to your customers or organization. The more value you bring to your customers or organization, the more money you’ll make. That is, of course, when you’re learning high-income skills.

When it comes to investing, it’s critical to invest in what you know. It’s critical to know your circle of competence and stay within it. When you’re passionate about a specific topic, or work in a certain industry for years, you have unique knowledge and insights that can lead to highly profitable investments.

One of the most useful things you can do to improve your financial wellness and health is to track all of your expenses for one month. It will show you how much money you’re actually spending versus how much you think you’re spending.

Remember, knowledge is only potential power. If you want to make a real change in your life, you need to apply what you’ve learned. You’ll never be worried about how to improve your financial status.

0:00 How To Improve Your Financial Health?
0:47 Habit 1 – Don’t Look Rich
1:21 Habit 2 – Learn high-income skills
2:08 Habit 3 – Invest in what you know
3:19 Habit 4 – Track your expenses
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