Mental health amid the coronavirus outbreak has become a real crisis now. Let us explore 11 tips to maintain your Mental Health in this Coronavirus lockdown when coronavirus and stress have become nearly synonyms. It is quite natural to feel a little scared, worried, or at least anxious in such a global pandemic. However, a couple of days ago, I felt myself to be excessively stressed, irritated, and overwhelmed. Lack of appetite and energy was evident while my sleep pattern was also disturbed.
I worked on my state and led myself to come out of it. But, how I did this? Let me share with you my 11 tips to maintain our mental health amid this global outbreak. I am your friendly guide, Mr. Smart, in your endeavor to live a smart and intentional life. Subscribe to my YouTube channel before watching any further or visit the website MrSmart.Org to learn about Smart Living.

1. Shun Rumors & Seek Reputable Sources
The underlying reason for my deteriorating mental health was a constant spring of news, precautions, and warnings. This includes not only the dubiously-sourced content on social media but also the authentic information right from the UN health agency World Health Organization or the US health protection agency Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or in short CDC.
In fact, there is a need to understand when too much staying informed leads to over-information which, in turn, results in a full swing panic. However, it is quite possible to maintain a happy balance between taking precautions and staying informed on one hand and going into panic on the other hand. But, it warrants conscious efforts on our part. Watch the animated video to know more.
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6 Steps to PREVENT coronavirus:
11 tips to maintain Mental Health amid Coronavirus:
How to cope with a crisis? | Dr. Patricia Thompson:

0:00 Coronavirus and Stress

1:05 #1 Shun Rumors & Seek Reputable Sources
2:53 #2 Have Breaks from Social Media
3:31 #3 Wash your hands, but not excessively
4:58 #4 Take care of your body
5:44 #5 Name your fear
6:49 #6 Think outside yourself
7:35 #7 Stay connected
8:08 #8 Stay home, stay productive
9:20 #9 Spend time in green space
10:28 #10 Seek support wisely
10:58 #11 It’s OK to feel vulnerable
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