You procrastinate until the very last moment, or you even miss the deadlines. By doing this you are unnecessarily piling up pressure on yourself which renders you stressed, fatigued and ineffective. Here, you need to be proactive in your life and work.

Be Proactive is the Habit 1 of seven habits that Stephen Covey advocates in his bestselling book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”

But how to be proactive and not reactive?

Let me share my personal journey with you. Once I was what Stephen Covey calls a reactive person. External stimuli used to dictate my life, my mood, and my performance. I often get depressed by the slightest irritant.

My friends! Let me share with you what Stephen Covey has taught me about being proactive. Initially, I was not smart enough to understand and digest the meaning of being proactive though. He writes that to be proactive means to take responsibility for our own actions. Taking responsibility for your actions is how to be proactive in your life.

Look how Stephen Covey cruelly dissects the word “Respons-ibility.” This means, he says, the ability to choose our own responses. To him, proactive people take responsibility for their actions. I cannot really understand him.

Stephen Covey says I am in a habit to cover up my mistakes and shift blame. He further writes if a reactive person ever commits a mistake, he would employ any logic to prove that what he did was anything but a mistake. Or even if he has to admit that it is a mistake, he would do his best to shift the blame to circumstances, weather, traffic jam or any innocent soul around him.

He does not know that committing a mistake is not a problem in itself. But not to acknowledge it, not to correct it and not to learn from it, is certainly a big problem.

A proactive person can also commit a mistake. But, he will acknowledge his mistake, correct it and learn from it. Rather than covering his mistake, a proactive person will focus his energies to correct it. That’s how Stephen differentiates between a proactive and a reactive person.

Be a proactive person and you can draw others to you. That’s the power of being proactive.

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